Brand: Websites Builder
Location: Australia 
Product Code: website-maintenance-annual
Availability: 999

A working time of 5 hours/month is established by default for this service, which may be additionally agreed to be face-to-face work if the client suggests an appointment  at least 1-week in advance, in order to be able to offer the best service to our clients.

Tasks to develop:

- Domain management and hosting (check renewal notices).
- Maintenance of email accounts (notice of overload, help configurating).
- Management and maintenance of basic services. Code bug checker, SEO results, improve basics.
- Supervision of the web to ensure continuous service.
- Supervision of issues related to server stability, installed software or service configuration (does not include repair).
- Changes of user names and/or passwords.
- Add / Modify / Delete sections, texts, images and other content on time. It does not include insertion of contents regularly, that the client must contract with a specialist data recorder.
- Optimization tasks for search engines.
- Search engine statistics reports.
- Assistance and telephone / online support.
- Cleaning (bots, spam, malware ...) of computers (as long as the equipment itself is purchased with us).
- Repair and assembly of local networks and computer equipment (as long as the equipment itself is purchased with us).
- Resolution of incidents not contemplated in other contracted maintenance (eg direct support or purchase to third parties).

- Notions of self-administration (Content Managers and Virtual Stores). Training of the Center's teaching staff to learn how to administer the software provided on the client's server.

* The necessary extra hours are billed at $99.99/hour, and will be previously budgeted.
** Does not include error detection in case of emergency (eg hacked website), which is valued according to the corresponding rate. WebsitesBuilderâ„¢ reserves the right to accept a Project in case of obsolete websites.

This product doesn't require a sizechart
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Remember that we're available on the 0439 007 017 to solve any doubt 24/7/365.

You will also find Website Maintenance (Annual) in the complete catalog of the brand Websites Builder , one of our best selling brands.

We are also official distributors of AcquaRoyal, Roly, Makito, Jim Sports, Gildan, Grace Collection, Aussie Pacific.

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